Vision + Mission

C.A.R.E Services, Inc.’s vision is to create a world where minority populations are not marginalized and do not have to live in fear of sharing their true selves with their surrounding communities. C.A.R.E. Services also works to share knowledge, access and resources to create equitable spaces for all people. We will know that we have achieved these goals when we have eradicated discrimination and inequity for all marginalized people.

We exist to provide for the mental and physical well-being of sexual and gender minorities, and to work in partnership with other marginalized populations to achieve mutual goals of equity and equality.


Meet Our Founders

JQ Kirkland

JQ Kirkland was born in Atlanta, GA but she has lived in the surrounding Huntsville areas since she was fourteen.  She has an Associates degree in Psychology and close to completing her Bachelors degree in Juvenile Justice/Behavioral Sciences.  She has worked in non-profit since October 2016, serving as Youth Group Facilitator, Executive Assistant, Director of Volunteers, and Director of Operations.  JQ is also the Tennessee Valley Rocket City Pride Co-Director organizing the 2017 and 2018 Pride events in Huntsville, AL. 

JQ’s passion for LGBTQ advocacy, youth assistance, and Agency operational development helps ensure to support the community in all ways possible.  Her “go getter” attitude is an especially valuable talent when keeping the gears spinning for the cause. She travels the state working with Youth Groups, Transgender Groups, and community events. 


Amy Paige

Born and raised in Huntsville, AL, Amy has worked in the banking industry for 14 years and is currently studying Finance at Calhoun Community College. She plans to continue her education and complete a four-year degree in nonprofit finance!
She came out as a lesbian early in her adult life and has a passion for helping others like herself. Amy has always desired to work in an industry that gives back to her community. Therefore, she began volunteering as a Youth facilitator to help give LGBTQ+ teens a place to find refuge from a world where they are ostracized and made to feel less than human.
Amy hopes that the work she does will help teens gain the necessary coping skills to deal with specific challenges that can leave them targeted by others. She also hopes they will learn to love and accept themselves and uncover their unique value as individuals and work toward eradicating discrimination from the world at large.